Happening Hamper

Assorted Snacks Basket


A perfect choice of gift for the house party host you are visiting, or your sibling who loves play video games and binge watch movies and series. A hamper specially curated for the people who love to swiddle their way to kitchen in the middle of a night looking for a snack. Book this now and make them love you with this lovely gesture.


Wooden Deep Crate 12″x9″

Pepsi Can Soft Drink | Black (250ml)
Drinkup – The Party Game
Cornitos Peri Peri Nachos(60g)
Pringles Original Chips(107g)
To Be Honest Crispy Beetroot with Himalyan Rock Salt Chips(60g)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk | Bubbly(120g)
4700 BC Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate Popcorn (Tin)(125g)
Hersheys Brookside – Flavoured Center Chocolate – Pomegranate(100g)
To Be Honest Golden Sweet Potato with Peri Peri Chips(90g)
Dark Chocolate Cake Jar(200ml)
Quirky Badges

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