Happening Hamper

Father’s Day Hamper


Spiderman, Superman, Ironman, all of these are are man made superheroes which were born out of imagination. We all love these superheroes but there is only one true hero in our lives whose efforts, love and care we can see, touch and feel. Our Dads. And for such real heroes we have created a perfect hamper. Check it Out!


Teacher’s Miniatures pack of 5
1 Super dad ceramic mug
1 World’s Greatest Dad Certificate
1 cute frame with digital art picture
1 Father’s Day card
1 premium pen
1 exotic chocolate jar cake
Exquisite decoration

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This hamper is made with utter thought. A perfect selection for a hero. It has 5 premium Teacher’s miniatures made for the rich taste lovers. Along side, there is a Best Dad in the World Certificate with a cute frame formed by digital art. A premium pen with a beautiful and thoughtful fathers day card. A ceramic mug with a super dad print on it will surely show him how much he means to you. Followed by an exotic chocolate cake jar and with exquisite decoration of the hamper. Ge this now and present him with the best hamper.